About Me

Part of my collection

Part of my collection

I’m a writer, wife, mother, former Nassau County, New York Master Gardener, and I’ve worked in almost every aspect of publishing in my career. In my spare time, I love to read, work in my garden, watch British TV, listen to (most) music, enjoy movies, and visit the theater. I’ve studied classical and folk guitar, and have tried my hand at knitting, weaving and crochet, but what I love most is writing novels, and learning some of the history of Long Island, New York, through volunteering as a tour guide at Old Westbury Gardens (built in the early Twentieth Century), and in the North Fork village of Cutchogue (settled in the early 1600s) in the historic buildings gathered on the Town Green. There are amazing people associated with both places.

I’m also a member of one book club and the founding leader of a second. While I would love to read nothing but love stories, historical novels, mysteries, police procedurals, detective stories, and spy thrillers, I must read so-called “literary” books for my book clubs. Lucky for me, I do enjoy most of them.

On my website, you can find an eclectic mix of books I’ve recently enjoyed when you visit What I’m Reading Now. At Spencer’s Chronicles find posts about my own books: including characters and locales I’ve created, plot lines, my reasoning for choosing certain titles and names, and other topics as well. 

After years of writing professional non-fiction articles as a former freelance environmental and garden writer, I’ve taken the plunge into romantic fiction. My novels: The Other Side of the DoorDoors of the Heart Book 1, Wolf at the Door, Doors of the Heart Book 2, and Beyond the Iron Door, Doors of the Heart Book 3 are all available in eBook and Paperback on Amazon. I am working now on my fourth book in this series, The Open Door (working title), and hope to finish it soon.

P. F. Spencer